The UK may not have the best cuisine (blood pudding anyone?), but it sure has its fair share of great comic book artists. Brian Bolland, Alan Davis, and Bryan Hitch just to name a few. The one that has hit CCM's radar for the past few years has been Lorenzo Etherington.

Lorenzo and his brother, Robin, have been working hard to produce some of the finest graphic novels for an all-ages audience, including Malcolm Magic, Monkey Nuts, and Baggage. To say Lorenzo adds detail to their universe of characters in an understatement. One might find themselves lost completely into an imaginative series of jungles, cityscapes and sidestreets that are as thought-out visually as the stories his brother writes.

The most wonderful thing is that the Etherington brothers are involved in educating and entertaining a new generation of comic fans through their eductaional comic book workshops. This is NECESSARY stuff, since the industry (at least in the States) is aging way too much. Neglecting the next group of fans will kill our industry fast.

The cool thing about having both Comic Creator the magazine AND Comic Creator the website going is that we really couldn't include the following images in the magazine. Lorenzo does these cool Wiggle Stereoscopy images:

For the interview and more amazing art from Lorenzo, including EXCLUSIVE images, check out COMIC CREATOR MAGAZINE, VOL. 1 on sale soon!


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